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My name is Carmen Smith and I have made my life's work saving and restoring good marriages to beyond their former glory, to beyond how good "it used to be" and to beyond what was ever thought possible - Why and How? Read More

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"My wife now plans nights for us to be alone in the house so that when I get home from work we can just have bedroom time without the kids around!" - Doug


"The sex is better now, 13 years in - than when we first started to date." - Cole


"Divorce was never the order of the day for us, but I was begining to realize how unhappy I was and I could see that "roomate hood" was where my marriage was heading fast! Working with Carmen was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Thank God she woke me up when she did or I would have settled for less than amazing happiness! " - Kate


 "I found out my husband was flat out cheating on me, but I still loved him and we didn't want to get a divorce. That is when I found Carmen and The Hot and Happy Marriage website. We started working together immediatley and she whipped us back into shape. I never thought I'd ever be able to trust him again, but Carmen taught us how to heal and saved my marriage literally! Thank You Carmen" - Lindsey


Carmen has the skills to help you take your marriage FROM STRUGGLING TO STEAMY and thanks to working with her; I’m a better mom, a better business woman and a better me.” – Kirsten 





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