How To Get Your Wife To Want To Have Sex Again, Even Crave It With You!


This is actually one of my favourite topics, because who doesn’t want to be having great sex with their spouse on a regular basis?


You may be thinking that my wife doesn’t or it sure doesn’t seem like she does!


And you may be right, but I can almost guarantee that it wasn’t always that way (or you wouldn’t have got together in the first place) and I can guarantee that it won’t always be that way if you choose to embrace exactly what I am going to share with you right now!


Pay Attention Gentlemen as this is the #1 thing you must understand:


Men show their love thru sex. Woman must feel loved in order to want to have sex.


Read that again.


This simple truth can dramatically change your sex life inside a week, but you must embrace what I just said.


Your wife must feel:


  •  Loved and 
  •  Appreciated by you FIRST before…


…..she will want to want to have sex or before she will begin craving to have sex with you again.


I can hear your objections right now:


  •  “My wife knows I love her”


  •  “Of course I love my wife”


  •  “I even tell her all the time I love her”


I am not saying that your wife doubts that you love her and I am not saying that you don’t tell her you love her, rather what I am telling you is this…..


It is in your best interest to learn and discover exactly how your wife needs to FEEL LOVED as it is in that fulfillment that lies your wife’s inner sex kitten.


So what do I mean by her “needs to feel loved?”


For women, having your husband love you is more than her knowing that you love her and more than her hearing “I love you”. That is just the gateway.



What gets her into the bedroom with you again and again is her feeling that you love her thru appreciation, admiration and priority.



Let me provide you with a clear example.


Your wife wants to feel like she felt in the beginning with you. 


You know in the beginning when sex wasn’t a far and few between act of passion?


In the beginning with you I will bet she felt loved not just because she knew it and you told her, but because you showed her appreciation and admiration for the things she did for you outside of the bedroom


And I will also bet she was your top priority!


Maybe you did things like:

  •  Stepped in and helped her when she looked stressed or overwhelmed
  •  Surprised her with romantic tokens of affection or 


  •  Surprised her with moments alone making her feel like she was more important to you than anything else in the world.



Did you hear me give you a secret there: making her feel like she was more important to you than anything else in the world.



Make your wife feel like she is more important to you than anything else in the world and like there is no where else you’d rather be and…..


YOU WILL HAVE AMAZING SEX inside a weeks time!


It is really simple guys. 


I am telling flat out that in order to get your wife to drop her and your pants on a regular basis - become the gentleman that you were when you were trying to win her over.



This is not work…and here is why: This should be pleasurable for you because all the effort that your going to put forward is going to end in sex with the woman you love anyway! Perfect.



I am even going to give you a few places where you can fulfill her needs of feeling loved right now so that you can get love. 


  1.  Surprise her and help out with one of her chores around the house when she looks tired. 


  •  Tell her you appreciate how much effort she puts into your life together and you got this for her tonight. (appreciation/admiration)


  1.  Compliment her with gratitude when she cleans your house or packs for you or does your laundry. 


  •  Tell her how much you appreciate her and how you don’t know what you would ever do without her. (appreciation/admiration)


3) Put the kids to bed early one night and invite her to curl up in bed with you and watch a movie together on the iPad because you just want to spend time with her. (showing her priority). 


Warning: This one really goes a long way when your intentions are pure and you are not doing this just for sex that night. If you are doing this just for sex in that moment - it will back fire on you. Remember your actions must be because you want a better sex life in the end, not just for that moment. 


4) Cuddle her in bed at night just to hold her, telling her how much she means to you. (showing her priority/admiration)



5) Cancel one of your “guy night’s out” to hang out with her or take her on a date because you would rather be no where else than wooing her. (DING DING DING: all 3! Appreciation, Admiration, Priority)




Do this in what ever way this works for you.



Now here is the secret to this working, because at first she may be very suspicious of your actions, especially if you haven’t had sex in awhile or you have’t been a gentlemen in awhile.


  1.  You must be sincere. If you are only doing this to get laid - it will not work! You must be sincere and honestly if you love your wife sincerity should be easy.


  1.  This is not a one shot deal. Showing your wife you love her thru fulfilling her need to be appreciated by you is a way of life you must adopt. 


AND when you do - the reward is a Hot and Happy Marriage! A marriage in which your friends are jealous of because you get sex all the time. 


  1.  Try this for one week without the insisting of sex and then at the end of that week plan something romantic for just you and your wife where it is the perfect environment to end in sex. 





When your wife falls happily back into bed with you - tell her how much you enjoyed that and would love for that kind of love/sex to be your new normal.


Appreciate her openly and she will appreciate you in return.


One Last Thing And This Is Really Important:


If this golden wisdom I just gave to you sounds like “take her on a date once in awhile, kiss her ass, make her feel loved, blah, blah, blah” to you….


THEN READ IT AGAIN! Because you’re missing my point, hence the lack of sex in your marriage.


Read this over and over again until you can feel yourself shifting.


And Relax - I am not saying that your lack of sex in your marriage is all your fault and that your wife has no part in that. She does. And depending on the degree of angst existing between the two of you - she or both of you may need extra assistance to put the fire back into your life.


But my point is that someone has to take the first step forward to make things better. Why not you?


Take the first step forward and learn how to do something a little different and be her hero! You have nothing to loose by doing what I just told you.


May each day be Hotter and Happy from here on out for you!

Carmen Smith

Modern Day Marriage Coach



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