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How A Blow Job Can Solve All Your Problems


You are either reading this because you are curious, revolted or just want to know if I am crazy or not!


Either way - I am glad you are reading it because what I am about to share with is a perspective shift that if you adopt will change your marriage and relationship with your husband immediately.


I am talking about a good old fashioned blow job. 


One that makes your husband feel:




  •  One that makes him feel like you VALUE and RESPECT his manhood. 


  •  And one that makes him feel like you are VERY ATTRACTED TO HIM!



Let me digress for one moment here - 


The biggest complain that I hear from my women clients (regardless of the circumstances is this): 


  •  “I want my husband to just automatically help me more.”


  •  “I want to feel appreciated for all I do in our marriage”


  •  “I want to hear I love you often! 


  •  “I want to feel like he wants to sleep with me and not just get off”


  •  “When I do ask for help, I want it to be welcomed instead of complained about”


  •  “I want to feel like we are in it together and it is not just me pulling our family train up hill by my teeth!” (okay that last one is a little extreme, but believe me I hear this a lot too!)



I get it that you want your husband to make you feel:






  •  And like you are VERY ATTRACTIVE TO HIM!



Did you notice the EXACT similarities in what you both want? 



Oddly enough, despite that you are a woman and he is a man - you both want to feel almost the exact same things from each other!



BUT THE HUGE DIFFERENCE IS IN HOW YOU EACH COME TO FEEL: wanted, needed, appreciated, valued, respected and attractive to the other.





  •  Men most feel loved and give love thru sexual acts


  •  Women need to first feel loved before sexual acts are desired



Did you get the difference? If not read the above 2 lines again



I’ll explain it further:


  1.  Men feel wanted, needed, appreciated, valued, respected and loved by you thru the receiving of sexual acts 


  1.  You feel wanted, needed, appreciated, valued, respected and loved when your husband notices your efforts, acknowledges your doings and worth and pitches in with your everyday life! 


It is really a catch 22!

So How Can A Blow Job Solve All Your Problems?


By living from the end result that you want.


If YOU want to feel wanted, needed, appreciated, valued, respected and loved, then you must first make him feel wanted, needed, appreciated, valued, respected and loved!


(common sense? Maybe - but you would be shocked at how this eludes so many couples)




Give him the exact feelings that you want and you will receive them in return…..


And the fastest way for a man to feel the above is to not just tell him you love him and appreciate him, but show him thru physical acts in the bedroom hence THE BLOW JOB!



Now in all seriousness - does it have to be a blow job? - No, of course not. But do something sincerely sexual for him and watch the magic happen in your marriage!


There must be a catch you are a wondering? 


Yes there is, but it is a good catch!


THE CATCH (which is really instructions on how to further speed up the magic):


Now that you have chosen to live from the end and shower your husband with all the feelings that you want - you must do 1 thing:


  1.  You must be sincere in your acts of love. To just give something to get something in return will only work for so long (if at all) - before you become frustrated!


That is it! That is all!


Now you have a choice; you can either slough this valuable information off and remain living how you are living OR you can give it a go and see if things change!


Up to you!


Blessings and Blow Jobs,


Carmen Smith

Modern Day Marriage Coach



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