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I Often Get Asked: So you're a marriage counsellor right?


My Answer: I am NOT a traditional marriage counsellor - and that is the best news you're going to hear all day!


But, I am a Modern Day Marriage Expert that is rooted in tradition and works intensely.


What That Means is...

Tradition - you know all that old good stuff that works.

Intensely - I work swift, fast and create change now - not years down the road after months of therapy.


Now this either thrills you or scares you! BUT IT DOES MAKE ME UNIQUE!




Here, let me make the distinction between the two......

In traditional marriage counseling you:

  • Go to the counselors office
  • Sit there for your session
  • Both you and your spouse have to be there
  • And you get to “self-discover” your feelings AND solutions

(Now don’t get me wrong as I absolutely respect marriage counselors and their work, but I work very differently!)

  • I believe that if you want a Hot and Happy Marriage than you need to learn from someone who has what you want!
  • I am here to show you the fastest way to get what you want for yourself, your family and your marriage by laying out the solutions for you point blank.
  • I am here to help you to claim the marriage your're dreaming of no matter your marriage has already gone thru.
  • I know what skills you need to learn in order to have a Hot and Happy Marriage that lasts is my pleasure to empower you with those skills in the quickest time possible!




If you are not okay with someone telling you the hard truths and not allowing you to quit on yourself than I am not your girl as:



  • I am a cut to the chase, no bullshit kind of person that wants to see you get RESULTS ASAP
  • I am not scared to point out the “hard points” because I am not here to be your best friend, I am here to get you the the marriage you long for and...
  • I know the one key secret that makes a marriage passionate, loyal, happy and amazing - I teach you that right off the bat
  • We get into the heart of the matter right away so that we can get thru the the thick of it as quick as possible and NEVER go back there again.




    How is it that I can pull such incredible results from people?

    Becasue of this one life principle: Learn from those who are actually living what you want!

    You can have all the "phd's" in the world, but if you are not practicing what you can not really ever teach someone to permanetly have what they desire.

    So Here Is Me Practicing What I Preach

    The Hot and Happy Marriage Family


    My marriage is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of my lifeAnd is the basis of all my passions, studies, research and drive.



    The funny thing is when I chose to marry my husband years ago little did I know the roller coaster of events that life would throw us! 

    In my own marriage I have been thru 2 pregnancies, postpartum depression, weight gain, weight loss, weighht gain again!, family interferences, financial losses, career changes, a failed business, building 2 successful businesses, losing loved ones, fighting for loved ones lives, loosing loved one's to cancer, jelously, insecurties, communication break downs, lies, truths, hardship and raising our two children on top of it all, which has been a small victory of its own!



    The Proof is in the Pudding

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